Sunday, July 22, 2012


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How We Know Her: First of all I have to appologize because this update took some time. Amanda Peterson (Can't Buy Me Love fame) has been one of the toughest ones to find. I meant to get an update on her about a week ago, but it took me sometime.

UPDATE! Where Is Amanda Peterson Now?

So, I am happy to say that Amanda is still around and living in Colorado with her family. Last month Amanda also took some beautiful shots for a website KR Productions which can be seen here:

Now the "KR" stands for Kasha-Ryan. Ryan is the photographer for the site. He has stated that he didn't even plan on taking those pictures of Amanda Peterson, and she was only there because she "volunteered to do hair and makeup for some first time models at a shootout." He went on to say "It wasn't until about halfway through the day she decided to have me take some shots." This may shed a light on what Amanda has done for work since she left tv/movies back in the mid-90's. Perhaps she has been working doing hair/makeup? I can't be sure. Please also check out this link for some "behind the scenes" looks. That include a couple of recent pictures of Amanda also.

One of the pictures there is of Amanda doing makeup for a model and another one is Amanda talking to some of the models. KR Productions also stated "There is a lot in the works and more photos to come so please be patient as she makes this adjustment back into the public eye. Please do what you can as far as sharing this web address through facebook, twitter and whatever other means you have available because I will be posting more info there as a common spot for people to go and check out. We have discussed a wide array of with Amanda and I hope you will all be pleasantly surprised in the very near future."

In addition, there has been a fan site that I thought was interesting... It is on facebook and fans of Amanda will want to certainly check it out. It is similar to what fans did for Betty White. It is an "Amanda Peterson to Host SNL" page on Facebook. Hasn't got a lot of fans yet, but still fun:

Last year there was a "Can't Buy Me Love" reunion. No, Amanda wasn't there. They of course asked about her though.  Here is the youtube video from that reunion. They talk more about Amanda towards the end. No, this is not my youtube video, but was posted on youtube by someone in attendance.

In the meantime I have put in emails to others that could help us get more of an update. If I get added information I will post it. Please feel free to post your comments here.

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  1. So why is she being so private? And being offline to? I would think she would have joined at least Fb to keep in touch with friends and family?

  2. definitely odd. the amount of money to be had in the film business is staggering. It takes a very very special circumstance or very very rare person to turn away from that.

  3. was gorgeous way back when. the years haven't been kind. Of course the industry keeps you looking much better and much younger than you would otherwise out of necessity if nothing else.

  4. I completely agree with Kevin, the above commenter. I hope all is well with Amanda, she was such a beautiful and talented girl.

  5. Amanda I hope your happy doing what your doing. I loved your work on CBML. But it is great to see your face again. Stay in "hiding" drive em crazy ! God bless

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  8. Nice to see Amanda healthy and living in her home town near her family. I have always wondered what became of her after she left acting. I hope she is happy but since she obviously desires to keep her life private I will be satisfied with knowing she is alright and wish her all the best in her life.

  9. Do you think there would be any chance of an email interview for my page ?